Champagne L&S Cheurlin,
a story of a family and its terroir

The Cheurlin family has been in the wine growing industry for generations. The four siblings (Richard, Christine, Alain & Thomas) in our family have their own vineyards that vary according to their different personalities. We are fortunate to have a very strong family that respects the choices and personality of each. Our family is honored to cross the ocean and let you discover and experience our Terroir through our champagnes. It's a chance for us to share our passion with you.

Who is L&S Cheurlin?
My brother and I, Lucie & Sébastien, are the children of Richard and the nephews of Thomas. Wine producers for several generations to date, our expertise was initiated by our ancestors. Richard, our father, who is the eldest of the sibling, has been lucky to know and share the know-how of his grand-father Etienne Dangin. At the time of Etienne, chemical treatments weren’t yet developed. Good sense and observation of the nature was the key of a good viticulture. So, my father developed his senses thanks to his grand-father’s teaching.

My brother Sébastien still remembers long walks in the vineyards with our great-grandfather Etienne, who would stand in the middle of the vines, teaching him to listen to and feel nature. For me, two years younger than Sébastien, Etienne was a sort of magician who understood everything about plants and could heal my childhood ailments with herbal and plant-based remedies. That is certainly why we developed this desire to work with no chemicals. It is a more restrictive way of work (more manual work, less yields, no global method, but a research of the balance of each plant), but it is the essence of viticulture, and that is what we like: to be aware of and attentive to each of our plots.

Organic viticulture is a change of philosophy. It obligates you to see your entire environment to find the right balance of your vines. As the aim is to have healthy vineyards, you must focus on prophylactic treatments to strengthen the natural defenses of your plant to keep it balanced and healthy.

With our father, who is enamored of the nature but also an epicurean, we treat each plot separately as well as the wines it produces, so as to respect and preserve each wines' individual identity. Through our wines, you will discover the pure identity of our different Terroirs. Today we have 5 hectares organic certified by ECOCERT, planted with Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and a little Pinot Blanc in the Côte des Bar area.

We are proud to introduce you to our 2 first cuvées:
BRUT Coccinelle & Papillon and BRUT ROSE Pluie d’été
And soon some new ones…
Lucie & Sébastien

50% Pinot Noir 
50% Chardonnay

Coccinelle & Papillon Brut provides genuine complexity, journeying between grilled notes and ripened fruits (white peach, apricot), with a full bodied and tender finish.

100% Pinot Noir

Pluie d’été Brut Rose is elegant and full of soft ripe fruit (strawberries, red currants) with a lovely fresh and spicy finish.